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ASAGA: An organization that creates future
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ASAGA is an Association for institutions and individuals with an interest in the science and technology of edible fats, oils and byproducts.
ASAGA, the Argentine Fats and Oils Association, was founded in Buenos Aires in 1989, more than 20 years ago. A reference for Latin America, it brings together experts, professionals, specialists, researchers, institutions and companies in the trade from
all around the country.

To be a non-profit organization with a solid reputation in technical and scientific fields.
To promote research and development in the field of fats and oils.
To train personnel in the industry, with a view to improve production practices and processing of fats, oils and byproducts.
To cooperate with public and private organizations on specific technical and scientific areas.
To disseminate relevant information in the field.
  • To cooperate with the industry on specific fields in order to improve processing and production practices in the fats and oil industry.
  • To host, sponsor and participate in national and international meetings and conferences, to encourage knowledge sharing and continuous updating.
  • To establish institutional links with related national and international entities.
  • To comply with provisions of Section 1 of Law 23877
  Financial Resources
ASAGA is a non-profit Association with resources coming from:
  • Membership dues.
  • Proceedings of publications, courses, meetings, etc.
  • Donations, contributions and agreements.
International Alliances
  • American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS).
  • AOCS Latin American Section
  • Chilean Corporation of Oils and Fats (CORCHIGA)
  • Oils and Fats Brazilian Society (SBOG)
  • ISF (The International Society for Fat Research)